150 Family

Three different machines for three different types of applications: single laser, dual laser, or green laser for processing pure copper.
  • Building volume: Ø 150 mm; h=160 mm
  • Layer thickness: 0.02 – 0.12 mm
  • Laser power: 1 or 2 x 250 W IR or 200 W Green fiber laser
  • Laser spot diameter: 35 – 100 μm (adjustable focus position)
  • Heated platform: Up to 300° C

To make 150 Family a unique printing experience Prima Additive software solution can offer quick file preparation and management reducing the time from design to manufacturing. The 3D print suite provides file repairing, design modification, supports creation and slicing functionalities that can be handled by any new user. The exporting file formats (CLI, SLC) are then fed to the Print Sharp 250 build processor adaptor where the user can define process and path parameters while a file conversion to a machine-readable format is performed.

Prima Additive is choosing for you the right material for each application

Prima Additive recommends and offers an extended range of tested metal powders ensuring premium quality and repeatable product properties. The 150 Family process parameters have been refined based on the specifications and behavior of the powder during printing allowing excellent (re)manufacturing of the components. Prima Additive with its services portfolio can provide support to the customers in order to evaluate and select the most appropriate powder for their applications and needs.


150 Series is Prima Additive’s new range of metal additive manufacturing solutions.

Three different machines for three different types of applications: single laserdual laser, or green laser for processing pure copper.


A solution for multiple sectors

Thanks to its working area of Ø 150 x 160 mm, the 150 Series is the ideal solution for applications in the dental and medical sectors.

Furthermore, in the Print Green 150 version, the possibility of processing copper thanks to the green laser makes this machine particularly suitable for the electronics and industrial components sectors.


One platform, three models.

Print Sharp 150

Designed for R&D applications, it allows to work steel, aluminum, nickel, titanium, copper, and chromium-cobalt alloys. Thanks to the open parameters it is possible to customize the process and carry out tests on new materials.

Print Genius 150

The same advantages of the Print Sharp 150 solution combined with high productivity, made possible by two 250W lasers that work simultaneously on the same area, reducing the construction time of the part.

Print Green 150

Equipped with a green laser, thanks to its wavelength allows you to work pure copper, copper alloys, and other highly reflective materials such as precious metals.


Prima Additive offers to you a complete Additive Manufacturing solution with the key in the hand. Pre & post processing equipment is supplied by Prima Additive to handle powder and parts for optimum quality. Different equipment options based on each customer needs and capacity can be selected and can include:

  • Sieving machine (explosion proof)
  • Powder vacuum dry oven
  • Post-treatment oven
  • Sand blaster
  • Wire cutting machine
  • Industrial vacuum cleaner (explosion proof)
  • Gas station equipment

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