Design support

Re-engineering and re-design of your component

Supporting and training you in your design for additive journey creating new innovative shapes not possible through traditional methods.

Key to making additive competitive is not to just proto-typing and to replace existing parts and processes but full redesign of components and sub-assemblies to create value through cost, weight, performance and time to market.

(Re)Design approach

1st phase

  • Identify component from feasibility report
  • Investigate new features
  • Investigate combining components
  • Design areas to facilitate easier printing

2nd phase

  • Topology optimization
  • Mechanical and thermal simulations
  • Optimisation based on several criteria (weight, volume, stiffness)
  • Design iterations for optimal manufacturing

3rd phase

  • Creation of new CAD models
  • Validation and testing
  • Printing strategy development

Process characterisation and prototyping

After the finalisation of the design and print strategy, Prima Additive focuses on the optimum selection of the process parameters. Performing a series of standard testing, Prima Additive application engineers are in a position to optimise the process aspects for each case and ensure the expected mechanical properties. The first prototype is then realised.

Prima Additive powders are extensively tested to give a good understanding of the mechanical characteristics of the part. We will also support you to supply your own materials and train you to configure the optimum process and machine parameters.

Managing prototype

  • Building your prototype in our application centre
  • Post treatment support for hardness, stress relief, part removal and surface finishing
  • Testing and measurement

We provide you with an application manual of tasks required to produce your components. This guide assists process replication, optimisation and machine configuration. We are always next to you to explore how to improve your products.