Industry 4.0 Inside

Prima Additive Industry 4.0 Inside

Industry 4.0 is a new era in the history of manufacturing that is revolutionizing the industrial technology and processes through cyber-physical production systems and big data. Following the fourth industrial revolution digitization trend and focusing on connectivity and interaction between machines, people and processes, Prima Additive, in cooperation with the other divisions of Prima Industrie Group, is improving operational efficiency, connecting machines to a single platform, enabling seamless production information flow and maximizing machine performance.

To help our customers to fully capture the experience of Industry 4.0 and unleash the business potential of digital manufacturing, Prima Additive, as part of Prima Industrie Group, has built a unique Industry 4.0 solution offering in three key areas: Smart Machines & Factories, Smart Software and Smart Remote Care.

Smart Machines

Real-time and historical parameter data collected through sensors and cameras.

Smart Software

Seamless production information flow, connectivity to ERP and MES through storing machine-generated data in the cloud.

Smart Remote Care

Machine data-driven analytics and predictive maintenance services.

Prima Industrie Group is driving the next industrial revolution as a provider of Industry 4.0 sheet metal manufacturing solutions enabling smart industrial production. With the cutting edge technology and expertise we incorporate Industry 4.0 insights into our products to solve latest manufacturing challenges and meet our customer needs.