Laser Metal Deposition

The laser metal deposition process uses focused thermal energy generated from a laser source to fuse powder metal sprayed at the focal point of the laser beam. This laser beam melts the deposited powder to the component. The laser is coaxial to the deposition head which moves in 3 to 5 simultaneous axes. A rotary tilt table can also be installed in order to keep the melt pool created in a horizontal plane. This capability makes the process suitable for adding features to existing parts as well as for repairs and coatings.

Laserdyne 430

The smaller size product of Prima Additive for Laser Metal Deposition (LMD). A flexible laser processing platform specially tailored for Additive Manufacturing applications. R&D activities, small part fabrication and rework activities can be easily performed by Laserdyne 430.

Laserdyne 795

A large-scale machine for repairing, reworking, adding features, coating deposition and part fabrication activities. Extra capabilities in terms of automation, powder deposition and process efficiency make the machine an ideal solution to several industrial sectors.

Laser Next 2141

The large scale multi-purpose solution with advanced technology for different applications (Laser Metal Deposition, 3D cutting, 2D cutting and welding)

Laserdyne 811

The fastest solution for 3D fabrication, repairing, and cladding with quality and accuracy.