Laser Next 2141

The large scale multi-purpose solution with advanced technology for different applications (Laser Metal Deposition, 3D cutting, 2D cutting and welding)
  • Working volume: 4140 x 2100 x 1020 mm (XL version: 2000 x 1000 x 1000 mm)
  • Deposition rate: Max 50-70 cm^3/h – typical 25-30 cm^3/h
  • Laser Power: 1-6 kW

Laser Metal Deposition machines are equipped with software able to elaborate free form geometries and to create the complete laser path in order to realize the component. The CAD model is processed and sliced, creating the scanning path per each layer; at the final path the file is converted in a code, compatible with the machine and CNC control system. The software is able to manage different degrees of freedom, depending on the kind of equipment and complexity of the geometry. The end-user will be able to program and control the machine depending on its specific kind of applications.

Prima Additive offers the more suitable equipment configuration and material classification for the Laser Metal Deposition technology. Having evaluated a series of powders and obtained significant experience on the process dynamics, Prima Additive brings to you the following materials for the Laserdyne Additive Manufacturing machinery.


A flexible, high capacity Laser Metal Deposition platform 

The Laser Next 2141 is combines the efficiency and productivity of the other Prima Industrie Group’s Laser Next products with a unique flexibility.

Thanks to multiple machine configurations (fixed tables, split cabin, shuttles and turn table) it can meet any production need. Laser Next 2141 is a multipurpose solution developed and designed for large-part processing and jobshop productions with advanced technology for different applications (Additive manufacturing, 3D cutting, 2D cutting and welding).


Different applications with a single machine. Laser Metal Deposition, 3D cutting, 2D cutting and welding in a single multipurpose solution with multiple machine configurations.

Laser Next 2141 is available in four configurations:

Fixed tables
The standard version with Fixed Tables exploits the entire working envelope to process large parts and features great accessibility from all sides.

Split cabin
With the Split Cabin configuration, the working volume is separated by a removable wall  and a sliding roof into two halves, where the parts are alternatively processed or loaded/unloaded in total safety. In this way, machine productivity is increased and, when needed for larger parts, the wall can be removed to restore the entire working envelope.

Turn table
For the fastest part handling operations without machine stops (cover time operation), the Turn-Table configuration is available. This is the ideal solution for large-series production of medium to large-size parts.

Automatic shuttles
The Shuttle Tables version allows the fast and automatic movement of parts and fixtures outside the working area from the sides or the front of the machine. This is the solution for allowing large and heavy parts to be handled outside the working area and in case of complex set-up.


Very large working envelope for large parts processing combined with reduced footprint


Fully tested and reliable thanks to the experience of the successful Laser Next platform


High precision, with no backlash or wear, thanks to the linear motor-driven focusing head and optical scales on main axes and on focusing head


Higher Overall Equipment Efficiency due to reduced downtime and maintenance. Less resources dedicated and no special skills needed for simplified maintenance

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