Laserdyne 795

A large-scale machine for repairing, reworking, adding features, coating deposition and part fabrication activities. Extra capabilities in terms of automation, powder deposition and process efficiency make the machine an ideal solution to several industrial sectors.
  • Working volume: 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm (XL version: 2000 x 1000 x 1000 mm)
  • Deposition rate: Max 50-70 cm^3/h – typical 25-30 cm^3/h
  • Laser Power: 1-6 kW

Laser Metal Deposition machines are equipped with software able to elaborate free form geometries and to create the complete laser path in order to realize the component. The CAD model is processed and sliced, creating the scanning path per each layer; at the final path the file is converted in a code, compatible with the machine and CNC control system. The software is able to manage different degrees of freedom, depending on the kind of equipment and complexity of the geometry. The end-user will be able to program and control the machine depending on its specific kind of applications.

Prima Additive offers the more suitable equipment configuration and material classification for the Laser Metal Deposition technology. Having evaluated a series of powders and obtained significant experience on the process dynamics, Prima Additive brings to you the following materials for the Laserdyne Additive Manufacturing machinery.


A flexible, reliable and modular CNC Laser Metal Deposition platform 

LASERDYNE® 795 is a 5-axis versatile machine equipped with a direct deposition head, able to perform free-form geometries or repairing structures. The system is designed especially for high-speed solutions and can handle medium to large parts for reworking activities. Carefully adapted Additive Manufacturing capabilities can offer a stable and fast process with extra automation (rotor-tilt table). LASERDYNE® 795 is designed to accommodate also other laser processes and a range of laser sources and auxiliaries.

An innovative laser head for higher production flexibility

Prima Additive’s processing head enables higher production capacity and flexibility for LASERDYNE® 795. The demanding applications of reworking, repairing and coating deposition can be more easily handled thanks to an innovative laser head which exhibits a stable process behavior. Specifically, the LASERDYNE® 795 due to its modular architecture can fully exploit the advantages that the deposition head can offer.

5-axis CNC controlled motion, inert atmosphere and a full CAM suite

A fast accurate and stable 5-axis CNC system with embedded multiple crash protection, class 1 laser safety enclosure, easy access and load position. The option of a rotor-tilt table can increase the flexibility of the machine offering two more axis to the system for more complex applications. An integrated powder feeder with 1 to 4 hoppers (1.5 lt), the creation of inert atmosphere in the processing area and the Prima CNC control and CAM software provide to the customers the proper tools to set up the machine according to their needs

Suitable for parts fabrication, coatings, repair and reworking applications in a wide range of materials

Taking advantage of the working space and the easy set up, the largest Laser Metal Deposition machine of Prima Additive, can be used for demanding repair and reworking applications. Able to facilitate the needs of diverse industrial sectors, Prima Additive team supports customers in every step until optimal process and machine parameters identified and repetitive results can be ensured. With a deep knowledge of laser processes and dynamic presence in Additive Manufacturing, the company aspires to bring Laser Metal Deposition in an industrial maturity level and make it part of the factory of the future.

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