Laserdyne 811

The fastest solution for 3D fabrication, repairing, and cladding with quality and accuracy.
  • Working volume: 1100 x 800 x 600 mm
  • Deposition rate: up to 70 cm3/h
  • Laser: Fiber Laser Yb, CW multimode, 3000 W, IR 1070-1080 nm

Laser Metal Deposition machines are equipped with software able to elaborate free form geometries and to create the complete laser path in order to realize the component. The CAD model is processed and sliced, creating the scanning path per each layer; at the final path the file is converted in a code, compatible with the machine and CNC control system. The software is able to manage different degrees of freedom, depending on the kind of equipment and complexity of the geometry. The end-user will be able to program and control the machine depending on its specific kind of applications.

Prima Additive offers the most suitable equipment configuration and material classification for the Laser Metal Deposition technology. Having evaluated a series of powders and obtained significant experience on the process dynamics, Prima Additive brings to you the following materials for the Laserdyne Additive Manufacturing machinery.


The latest development from Prima Additive for Direct Energy Deposition additive manufacturing process.
The machine provides precision and flexibility for a wide variety of components. The machine is equipped with one of the fastest laser processing systems in the industry. The controller supports 7 axes of simultaneous motion, and integrated automation to load and unload components and subassemblies, i.e. robotic, automated stock inputs, turn-table, or outfeed platform.


A single machine that supports additive, welding, drilling, and cutting 3D and 2D Components. With the BeamDirector® and quick change nozzles, in a matter of a second, the machine can be changed from additive, welding to drilling, or to cutting. The machine can be equipped with 3 axes configuration or up to 7 axes.


The machine encompasses over 40 years of engineering and industrial laser processing expertise. LASERDYNE® has a strong reputation for consistently and quickly manufacturing quality components.


Higher overall equipment efficiency due to reduced downtime and maintenance. Fewer resources dedicated to maintaining the machines. More efficient use of floor space for the total working envelope.


The machine is designed to be equipped with an inert chamber option in order to print reactive materials such as Aluminum and Titanium. The inert chamber reaches 50 ppm of oxygen concentration in all the working volume and it is possible to remove the entire building volume thanks to a pre-chamber without losing the inert atmosphere inside the working chamber.


The machine can be equipped with REAL_DED (REal-time Adaptive Laser beam for Direct Energy Deposition) laser deposition head, developed and patented by Prima Additive to increase the performance and the efficiency of the deposition process and let the end-user adapt the laser beam spot dimensions in real-time during the process.

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