Print Sharp 250

Print Sharp 250 is a competitive, medium volume powder-bed solution which offers a great flexibility to each application in terms of part size, material portfolio and part complexity. With its reliable and simple operation, Print Sharp 250 can be perfectly adapted to your needs by implementing specific adjustments to the machine calibration and process set up.
  • Building volume: 250x250x300 mm
  • Build rate: 12-30 cm^3/h (depending on material and part geometry)
  • Layer thickness: 0.02 – 0.1 mm
  • Layer width: 0.1 mm (single linewidth)
  • Laser power: 200 W / 500 W (Optional)

To make Print Sharp 250 a unique printing experience Prima Additive software solution can offer a quick file preparation and management reducing the time from design to manufacturing. 3D print suite provides file repairing, design modification, supports creation and slicing functionalities that can be handled by any new user. The exporting file formats (CLI, SLC) are then fed to the Print Sharp 250 build processor adaptor where the user can define process and path parameters while a file conversion to a machine-readable format is performed.

Prima Additive is choosing for you the right material for each application

Prima Additive recommends and offers an extended range of tested metal powders ensuring premium quality and repeatable product properties. Print Sharp 250 process parameters have been refined based on the powders specifications and behavior during printing allowing excellent (re)manufacturing of the components. Prima Additive with its services portfolio can provide support to the customers in order to evaluate and select the most appropriate powder for their applications and needs.


A complete, reliable and economically viable solution

Print Sharp 250 is the medium volume machine for Powder Bed Fusion applications, developed for industrial production of complex components. Suitable also for Additive Manufacturing service oriented companies and for prototyping purposes, exhibits a high flexibility in terms of part management and operation performance. In combination with the low cost of the whole System, the particular machine can save vital resources of your company allowing to invest in the most rapidly evolving manufacturing technology.

An efficient, reliable and simple operation

Designed to facilitate an efficient operation, Print Sharp 250 includes an intelligent control software and user friendly interface which allow setting up and operating the machine easily and without problems. The user has constantly the capability to modify or adapt the printing parameters and conditions or replace without delays the build platform, the material or the powder collector. The simple operating and maintenance procedures can increase the machines utilization rate and performance helping you to take the most of your investment.         

Open process parameters configuration capabilities for higher quality and productivity

PrintSharp 250 is provided with a number of suggested configurations for every available material. Depending on the desired target (productivity or quality) different process parameter sets can be created to accommodate diverse applications. The customers could also develop their own process parameters sets. Therefore, Prima Additive stay close to their customers by providing consulting, training and Additive Manufacturing application supports.

Components production with high quality in a wide range of materials

Print Sharp 250 assures high quality components in terms of surface and mechanical characteristics while can offer post-process solutions able to achieve the most demanding targets. Prima Additive’s application services can verify the quality of each part and support customers through the development phase ensuring the repeatability of the process and the results.

Global service and support

A solid and long-term relationship with customers and partners has formed a strong and competitive global service and support network which can provide remote diagnostics and assistance, field services, preventive maintenance activities and regular updates or upgrades to the machinery software and hardware. Tailored training and consulting services are also part of Prima Additive’s strategy on Additive Manufacturing covering the exact needs and experience levels of the customers.


Prima Additive offers to you a complete Additive Manufacturing solution with the key in the hand. Pre & post processing equipment is supplied by Prima Additive to handle powder and parts for optimum quality. Different equipment options based on each customer needs and capacity can be selected and can include:

  • Sieving machine (explosion proof)
  • Powder vacuum dry oven
  • Post-treatment oven
  • Sand blaster
  • Wire cutting machine
  • Industrial vacuum cleaner (explosion proof)
  • Gas station equipment

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