Following the wave of digitisation that characterises the fourth industrial revolution and focusing on connectivity and interaction between machines, people, and processes. Prima Additive, together with the other divisions of the Prima Industrie Group, connects machines to a single platform, which allows a continuous flow of information and maximises machine performance and efficiency.

Prima Additive complies with Industry 4.0 guidelines, helping you transform your production sites into smart factories: intelligent, interconnected machines and factory systems equipped with sensors that can return a wealth of information (big data); increasingly powerful and optimised software; remote maintenance and digital diagnostics, including cloud-based. This allows for advanced diagnostics with the resulting benefits in terms of reduced time and costs.

To help you exploit the full potential of digital manufacturing, Prima Additive, as part of the Prima Industrie Group, has developed an Industry 4.0 solution that is divided into three areas: Smart Machines & Factories, Smart Software and Smart Remote Care.


Smart machines

Real-time and historical parameter data collected via sensors and cameras.

Smart software

Seamless flow of manufacturing information, connectivity to ERP and MES through storage of machine-generated data in the cloud.

Smart remote care

Analysis based on machine data and predictive maintenance services.


The Prima Industrie Group is leading the industrial revolution as a supplier of 4.0 sheet metal processing and smart manufacturing solutions. Thanks to our innovative technologies and know-how, we can help you seize the opportunities of the new digital era, giving you a significant competitive edge.

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