For over 100 years, most industrial manufacturing companies have operated according to this principle:

  1. The machine stops
  2. The service team identifies the problem and travels to the customer to solve the problem on the spot
  3. The machine is up and running

Today, in the era of Industry 4.0 and thanks to the experience of the Prima Industrie Group, Prima Additive offers you a cutting-edge technology: our Remote Care service for additive manufacturing.

Rather than waiting for an unexpected machine fault, Remote Care proactively analyses machine performance, ensures its efficiency, helps avoid unplanned downtime, and saves time in correcting any malfunctions.

Remote Care is a powerful tool that maximizes machine uptime and production efficiency.

Cutting-edge technology

In the event of unexpected alarms, thanks to Prima Additive Remote Care, these can be diagnosed and resolved remotely.

If a technician is needed on site, the cause of the problem is already known. If your machine is down, remote monitoring tools can speed up troubleshooting and ensure that your machine is up and running again. We do our best to guarantee machine performance and prevent loss of revenue for our customers.


Tools for remote care

Augmented Reality remote assistance

With effective and immediate remote assistance and equipped with smartphones or tablets, your technicians can communicate remotely and share real-time images and videos with our experts.

Our experts can observe the problem directly on your machine, make an accurate diagnosis and give clear instructions to the technician on site, even entering drawings and notes directly on the shared images. This service ensures production is restored quickly and avoids unnecessary travel expenses.

Mixed reality assistance

Step into the future with new technological glasses that allow physical reality to interact with holograms. Thanks to the proprietary applications loaded onto these glasses, Prima Additive applies the enormous potential of mixed reality to remote training and maintenance. Technicians have hands free to operate the machine and can be supported during training or remote maintenance in an information-rich environment, such as 3D models and animations for assembly and parts replacement instructions.

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