Copper alloys and copper powders unlock a host of benefits in the realm of powder bed fusion, bringing the transformative power of copper into the hands of creators. Let's delve into the essence of these materials and the unparalleled advantages they offer when processed using Prima Additive's cutting-edge metal additive manufacturing systems.

The Core of Innovation: Copper Alloys and Powder Bed Fusion

Powder bed fusion (PBF) epitomizes additive manufacturing by layering materials to create objects from 3D models, moving beyond traditional subtractive methods. This process, particularly when applied to copper alloys, is renowned for its precision and efficiency. The unique properties of copper alloys—marked by their excellent electrical and thermal conductivities, alongside notable strength and ductility—make them indispensable in sectors like electronics, aerospace, and automotive manufacturing.

Unlocking the Potential of Copper Alloys with Prima Additive Technology

Working with copper alloys through laser powder bed fusion technology, especially with Prima Additive's solutions, offers significant benefits:

Exceptional Corrosion Resistance

Our copper alloys ensure your components withstand the test of time, maintaining integrity in challenging environments

Superior Mechanical Properties

Strength and durability are hallmarks of parts produced with our technology, capable of enduring demanding applications


Optimized for Complexity and Precision

Prima Additive's machinery leverages green laser technology, enabling the processing of copper and its alloys with high quality and repeatability. This allows for the creation of parts with complex geometries that traditional manufacturing methods cannot achieve


Outstanding Thermal and Electrical Conductivity

Leverage the innate qualities of copper alloys for applications requiring high conductivity, from electronics to cooling systems

Electrify Your Innovations with Precision Green Laser Technology

Prima Additive's Powder Bed Fusion systems redefine the boundaries of metal additive manufacturing with their state-of-the-art green laser technology. This advanced capability allows for the processing of not only a diverse range of copper alloys but also pure copper, achieving a remarkable material density exceeding 99.5%. Such high density is pivotal for applications where electrical conductivity is paramount, ensuring your projects benefit from the utmost in quality and repeatability. Moreover, the precision of this process is unparalleled, thanks to a laser spot size of merely 35 microns, offering unmatched detail and accuracy in every print. This breakthrough opens new horizons for innovation, enabling the creation of components with exceptional electrical and thermal properties, all while maintaining extreme quality and repeatability in every piece crafted.

Key Copper Alloys for Prima Additive Machinery

Prima Additive's machines are adept at processing a wide range of copper alloys, including:

  • CuSn10: a tin bronze alloy, is celebrated for its wear and corrosion resistance, combined with good elasticity. It's ideal for parts requiring durability and resistance to environmental conditions, such as bearings and springs.
  • Pure Copper (Cu): stands out for its unparalleled electrical and thermal conductivity, alongside high ductility, making it essential for electrical wiring, components, and heat dissipation applications.

Beyond the Standard: Exploring Material Possibilities

While the listed copper alloys represent the most suitable candidates for Prima Additive's machinery, the horizon of possibilities is far from limited. Prima Additive's open parameter system means that any material, regardless of the manufacturer, can be processed. This flexibility opens the door to custom solutions and innovations, ensuring that your manufacturing needs are not just met but exceeded.

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