Yes, we can work from your material.

And, yes, if the material you want is not available, we can help you find the most suitable one.

And again, yes, we can run tests to assess whether it is possible to print your material with our machines.

Prima Additive is by your side to make sure you always say "yes" to additive manufacturing with Powder Bed Fusion technology.

Looking forward to finding out how our applications work and the properties of different materials?

Discover the list of materials available for your additive manufacturing needs. Prima Additive offers you a comprehensive selection of metal powders ranging from aluminium to nickel, from steel to titanium and copper and cobalt-chrome alloys. We help you choose the best material for your application, also supporting you in the development of custom materials, if necessary. We also provide Laser Powder Bed Fusion solutions equipped with green laser to process pure copper, precious metals, and other highly reflective alloys.

When materials, machines, and production parameters are harmonized, excellent results are achieved.


Choose the right material for your needs

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