Our state-of-the-art Direct Energy Deposition (DED) systems are at the forefront of transforming metal manufacturing processes. Specializing in cobalt-chrome alloys, we offer solutions that revolutionize the strength and durability of finished parts across various sectors. Cobalt chrome powders and alloys stand as pillars of resilience and innovation, especially when shaped by direct energy deposition (DED) technology. This technique, synonymous with precision and versatility, propels the creation of components that are not just larger but also stronger and with minimal waste, underscoring the advantages of cobalt chrome alloys in additive manufacturing processes.

Why Choose Cobalt-Chrome Alloys for Your Additive Manufacturing Needs?

Cobalt-chrome alloys are renowned for their exceptional properties, making them the material of choice for industries demanding the highest durability and performance standards. By choosing Prima Additive's Direct Energy Deposition technology for processing these alloys, you unlock unparalleled benefits:


Exceptional Mechanical Wear Resistance

Our cobalt-chrome alloys exhibit outstanding durability, especially under high temperatures, ensuring your components operate flawlessly even in the most challenging conditions.

Superior Corrosion Resistance

With excellent resistance to corrosion, parts made from cobalt-chrome alloys withstand harsh environments, making them perfect for critical applications in the energy generation and oil & gas industries.

Prima Additive's Expertise in Cobalt-Chrome Alloys

Leveraging Direct Energy Deposition, also known as Directed Energy Deposition or Laser Metal Deposition, our machines precisely fuse metals enabling superior material properties. Our expertise extends to processing a range of cobalt-chrome alloys, including:

  • Stellite™ 6: Renowned for its balance of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and the ability to withstand high temperatures.
  • Stellite™ 21: Offers enhanced performance with excellent resistance to thermal shock and mechanical wear, ideal for hard-surface valve components and other high-wear applications.

Innovating for the Future with Prima Additive

While these alloys represent a fraction of the materials compatible with Prima Additive's machinery, the true extent of our systems' flexibility is much broader. Our open parameter system allows for the processing of any material from any manufacturer, offering unlimited potential to innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of metal additive manufacturing.
Our Direct Energy Deposition technology and cobalt-chrome alloys are shaping the future of manufacturing, offering solutions that are not just innovative but transformative. Embrace the change with us, and discover the competitive edge that Prima Additive's additive manufacturing solutions can bring to your business.

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