In the realm of metal additive manufacturing, nickel alloys and nickel powders stand as pillars of innovation when processed through powder bed fusion technology. These materials, when combined with Prima Additive's advanced machinery, unlock unprecedented possibilities for creators and industries worldwide.

Why Nickel Alloys? The Ultimate Choice for High-Performance Components

Nickel alloys, renowned for their extraordinary properties, are the cornerstone of manufacturing parts that demand high yield, unparalleled wear resistance, and exceptional performance against oxidation and corrosion. Ideal for aggressive environments, these alloys maintain their integrity, even at extreme temperatures ranging from 500°C to 1000°C (932°F to 1832°F). With Prima Additive's Laser Powder Bed Fusion technology, you're not just building components; you're crafting solutions designed to withstand the tests of stress, corrosion, and time.


High Yield & Durability

Maximize efficiency with parts that resist wear and friction, ensuring long-lasting performance

Exceptional Resistance

Achieve superior antioxidant and anticorrosion properties, perfect for harsh conditions

Heat Resilience

Maintain high resistance to corrosion and retain strength at high temperatures, ideal for industrial applications

Strength & Ductility

Craft parts that are not only strong but also ductile, adapting without compromise

Featured Nickel Alloys

  • Inconel 625 & 718: Unlock the potential of Inconel alloys, known for their robustness in extreme conditions, offering high strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Hastelloy X: Experience the benefits of Hastelloy X, designed for exceptional performance in high-temperature applications.

These alloys are selected for their exceptional performance in demanding conditions, offering a blend of high strength, corrosion resistance, and temperature resilience.

Beyond the Basics: Expanding Material Horizons

While Inconel 625, Inconel 718, and Hastelloy X are among the most suitable alloys for our machines, it's just the beginning. Prima Additive's solutions are engineered to work with any type of material made by any manufacturer, thanks to open parameters. This flexibility ensures that your manufacturing capabilities can evolve with your needs, opening doors to endless possibilities in metal additive manufacturing.

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