Prima Additive for the jewelry and design sector

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Shapes that might once have been a dream can become a reality thanks to metal additive manufacturing.

Thanks to the wide range of materials that can be processed by Prima Additive's solutions, it is also possible to achieve aesthetic results worthy of a “wow!”.

Moreover, for the jewelry industry, working with the right material and the geometry of the finished piece makes it possible to create jewelry that is not only visually striking but also extremely lightweight.

In addition, it is possible to design objects with moving or rotating parts in a single print, without the need for later assembly that would be required if similar parts were to be made using traditional technologies.


Intricate Designs and Customization

Metal AM allows for the creation of intricate and customized jewelry designs that are difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional crafting techniques.

Efficient Use of Precious Materials

Reduces waste by precisely using material only where needed, essential for working with expensive metals like gold and silver.


Rapid Prototyping and Production

Enables quick turnaround from design to finished product, opening new possibilities for designers and jewelers.


Find your ideal solution

Are you ready to completely rethink the manufacturing process of your jewelry or design objects? We will support you in choosing the most suitable materials for your application and in assessing the best printing strategy to create your parts.

In addition, we will support you in the design, prototyping and production of the final parts, giving you the opportunity to experiment with new shapes and digitally customize each part to create visually striking objects.

    Main Applications of Metal Additive Manufacturing in the Jewelry Sector

    Behind every innovation there is a Prima Additive machine

    • Bespoke rings and other fine jewelry, allowing for unique expressions of personal style.
    • Prototype models for large collections, enabling rapid iteration and refinement before final production.
    • Restoration and replication of historical and antique jewelry pieces, preserving cultural heritage with modern technology.

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