Our advanced metal additive manufacturing solutions can be equipped with green laser with power starting from 200 W. 
The cutting-edge green laser technology is specifically designed to enhance the processing capabilities of highly reflective alloys, including pure copper and precious metals. With a wavelength of 532 nm, our green laser solutions provides unparalleled benefits that revolutionize your metal additive manufacturing processes.

Metal additive manufacturing with green laser opens up new possibilities for producing engineering applications in copper, its alloys and similar materials, which require excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. The demand for applications in these materials is growing rapidly, especially in the fields of electric motors, heat exchangers, power electronics, inductors, aerospace and jewelry.

With the green laser with which our machines are equipped, it is possible to achieve excellent results in terms of quality and repeatability of the process, with a relative density on pure copper applications exceeding 99.8%.

In addition, the laser focus diameter adjustable from 35 to 100 μm allows you to achieve unparalleled precision on every component and with every type of metal.

Green Laser

In today's fast-paced manufacturing environment, efficiency is key. The repeatability of the metal additive manufacturing process with green laser allows production waste to be reduced to a minimum.

Experience the advantages of superior precision, increased productivity, and cost-effective operations.

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