The key factor for the successful integration of Additive Manufacturing in the traditional industrial context is the validation of application case studies.

For this reason, we have created the Prima Open Additive project: a network of cooperating subjects who are ready to help you adopt Prima Additive’s additive manufacturing technologies in your production context.


Disruptive and Competitive at Once

Additive Manufacturing is not easily adoptable by everyone today. On the one hand, because its technology is advantageous only for certain types of applications, on the other, because it requires companies to undergo a radical paradigm shift in the product design and in the production process.

This leap also excludes portions of the market from accessing new development models, which would instead benefit from a competitive advantage with the use of Additive Manufacturing.

Prima Additive is committed to advancing the industry by reducing barriers to entry in Additive Manufacturing and creating with customers a real business partnership.

Besides turnkey solutions, Prima Additive provides customers with instruments and expertise to focus if moving to Additive Manufacturing should be convenient in the short, medium, and long terms, and how to do it in the most profitable and fastest way.


Prima Open Additive Labs

To allow you to learn more about our technologies and familiarize yourself with additive manufacturing in a place that is close to you, we have created the network of Prima Open Additive Labs: research centers equipped with our solutions that will provide you with advice and support for all applications.

Learn more about Prima Open Additive Labs and find the one closest to you

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