Our experts will support you in taking advantage of all the options offered by this technology, helping you understand how to replace solid parts with lattice structures, how to modify the shape of components to make them functional, while maintaining the mechanical characteristics of the original part made with other technologies.


Re-engineering and redesigning your component

We support and train you in your design for additive manufacturing, creating new shapes that are impossible with traditional methods.

The key to making additive manufacturing competitive is not just to prototype or replace existing parts, but to completely redesign components and sub-assemblies and create value thanks to reduced cost, reduced weight, increased performance and faster time to market.

In addition, an important advantage of metal 3D printing is assembly reduction, consolidating multiple components into a single finished part that is ready for use.


This is the way we do design support

The steps we take in (re)design

Step 1- Identify the component from the feasibility report

Investigate new functionalities

Investigate the combination of components

Re-design for easy printing

Step 2 - Topology optimization

Mechanical and thermal simulations

Optimization based on different criteria (weight, volume, rigidity)

Design repeatability for optimal production

Step 3 - Creation of new CAD models

Validation and testing

Print strategy development

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