Working with precious metals has always presented unique challenges due to their exceptional properties. However, our state-of-the-art machinery has been specifically designed to overcome these obstacles and unleash the true capabilities of gold, silver, and other precious alloys.

Among the challenges in the processing of these metals is the fact that they are particularly reflective, presenting non-optimal absorption levels to be worked with infrared lasers.

This is why Prima Additive develops solutions equipped with green lasers, which thanks to their short wavelength (532 nm) are capable of processing reflective alloys with quality and repeatability thanks to optimal absorption.

Furthermore, Prima Additive machines boast a very low dispersion rate of the material within the working area of the machine, allowing you to use your material effectively and profitably.


Achieve Unprecedented Material Density

One of the key advantages of our machinery is its ability to produce parts with material density levels close to 99%. This exceptional feat is made possible through the utilization of our advanced green laser technology.

The result? Impeccable parts with near-perfect density, ensuring superior performance and structural integrity. Achieving these levels of density is essential as it allows the finished jewel to be polished before being placed on the market, achieving the same surface quality as cast metal jewelry.

Precious metals can be challenging to work with using traditional methods or with conventional infrared lasers, but with our solutions, you can embrace intricate geometries, lattice structures, and organic shapes, allowing your creativity to flourish.

Prima Additive is your trusted partner for precious metal additive manufacturing. We strive to deliver the highest quality machinery that empowers businesses to push the boundaries of creativity and achieve unparalleled results. 

Discover what we can do for the jewelry industry and contact us to learn more about our solutions and how we can assist you in realizing your metal additive manufacturing goals. 

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