Prima Additive for the university and research institute sector

Find out what we do for the university and research institute sector

We are an active participant in numerous research projects that focus on improving the additive process and its efficiency, design, work on topological optimization, photonics, applications, and more.

Prima Additive's solutions are particularly well suited for research purposes, as they are fully "Open Parameter" and allow total customization of all process parameters, thus allowing any research on new materials or process optimization to be freely carried out by the final user.

Accelerated Research and Development

Metal AM supports cutting-edge research in materials science, engineering, and manufacturing, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in design and production.


Educational Tool for Engineering Students

Offers hands-on experience with advanced manufacturing technologies, preparing the next generation of engineers and designers.

Collaboration Across Disciplines

Facilitates interdisciplinary research projects, combining insights from materials science, mechanical engineering, and industrial design to innovate and solve complex challenges.


Find your ideal solution

To further facilitate the research process on additive manufacturing with the Open Innovation approach, we have created the Prima Open Additive project: a network of companies, universities, and research centers working with Prima Additive in the additive manufacturing technology research.

Our experts can help you identify the solution that best suits your research center. Similarly, Prima Additive not only supplies machines and systems, but also provides its customers and the Prima Open Additive network with all the expertise we have gained to help you identify the best materials and printing methods for your research objective.

Main Applications of Metal Additive Manufacturing for Universities and Research Institutions

Behind every innovation there is a Prima Additive machine

  • Prototypes for new robotics and automation systems, facilitating hands-on learning and innovation in engineering education.
  • Custom apparatus and equipment for scientific research, enabling unique experiments and investigations.
  • Architectural models and prototypes for urban planning and design studies, supporting innovative approaches to sustainable development.

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