Focusing on the exceptional performance benefits, cobalt chrome alloys processed via powder bed fusion technology in metal additive manufacturing set a new standard for high-quality components. Cobalt chrome powders, expertly utilized by Prima Additive's advanced systems, promise unparalleled strength, durability, and biocompatibility, redefining what's possible in the creation of superior components across various industries

Unlocking Innovation with Biocompatible and Durable Solutions

Engineered for excellence, Prima Additive’s Laser Powder Bed Fusion technology offers unparalleled benefits for cobalt-chrome alloys:

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Safeguarding patient health in medical and dental applications, our technology ensures materials that are not only safe but conducive to human health

Exceptional Strength and Durability

Forge parts that withstand the test of time and stress, embodying resilience in every layer

Resistance to Wear and Corrosion

In the face of challenging environments, our solutions stand tall, ensuring longevity and reliability

Widely celebrated for its robust properties, cobalt-chrome is the material of choice across diverse sectors. From high-precision laser melting for medical and dental implants to crafting components for gas turbines, engines, and transmissions, its application scope is vast. Furthermore, its unique biocompatibility opens new avenues in jewelry manufacturing, marrying aesthetics with health.

Main Alloys for Your Projects

Prima Additive machines are designed to work with a variety of cobalt chrome alloys, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for your specific needs. Some of the primary alloys include:

  • CoCr-W: Known for its wear resistance, suitable for dental and medical implants.
  • CoCr-Mo: Offering excellent strength and corrosion resistance, ideal for aerospace and automotive parts. 

Beyond the Standard: Our Open Parameters Approach

Our commitment to innovation and competitiveness is embodied in our machines' ability to process a wide range of materials. While the aforementioned alloys represent the most suitable options, Prima Additive's solutions go beyond, capable of working with any type of material made by any manufacturer, thanks to our open parameters. This flexibility ensures that whatever your project requires, our machines can adapt to meet the challenge.

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