As the field of metal additive manufacturing evolves, the exceptional qualities of nickel alloys and nickel powders emerge as pivotal. Prima Additive harnesses the power of innovative Direct Energy Deposition (DED) technology, propelling these materials to the forefront of industrial solutions. This approach offers industries unparalleled capabilities to withstand extreme conditions, showcasing the remarkable potential of nickel in additive manufacturing.

Why Nickel Alloys? A Blend of Strength and Versatility

Nickel superalloys, recognized for their unparalleled stress and corrosion resistance, are ideally suited for high-performance industrial applications operating within the demanding temperature ranges of 500 °C to 1000 °C. Prima Additive's state-of-the-art DED machines are engineered to harness the full potential of these alloys, including the renowned Inconel and Hastelloy nickel alloys, bringing your most ambitious projects to life with unmatched precision and durability.

The Advantages of Direct Energy Deposition with Nickel Alloys


High Yield

Maximize material utilization and efficiency, reducing waste and optimizing production processes

Exceptional Wear and Friction Resistance

Extend the lifespan of components even in the most demanding operational conditions

Outstanding Antioxidant and Anticorrosive Properties

Ensure peak performance in aggressive environments, safeguarding your investments against degradation

High-Temperature Corrosion Resistance

Maintain integrity and functionality at elevated temperatures, a critical attribute for aerospace, automotive, and energy sectors

Featured Nickel Alloys Compatible with Prima Additive's Machines

  • Inconel 625 & 718: Offering a blend of high strength, durability, and resistance to environmental effects, these alloys are perfect for aerospace, marine, and energy applications.
  • Hastelloy X: Renowned for its exceptional strength and oxidation resistance at high temperatures, making it ideal for furnace and chemical processing applications.

Beyond the standard

The mentioned materials represent just a glimpse of what's possible with Prima Additive's versatile machines. Our technology is designed to work with any type of material made by any manufacturer, thanks to open parameters that allow for limitless creativity and innovation. Whether you're exploring the potential of nickel alloys or other advanced materials, Prima Additive provides the tools and support to turn visionary ideas into tangible realities, embodying the spirit of change, competitiveness, and innovation that drives us forward.

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