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The adoption of additive manufactured parts is not only advantageous in terms of aircraft functionality, but also means a real respect for the environment and sustainability within aerospace. Reducing the weight of an aircraft simultaneously reduces the aircraft's fuel consumption and, as a result, its CO2 emissions.

Similarly, in the space sector, reducing the weight of a satellite or its launch vehicle reduces the cost of launch, thus enabling lower barriers to entry, opening up new opportunities for the space economy.

It is not only weight that is crucial when it comes to the aerospace industry, but also mechanical characteristics, material performance and, above all, component reliability. Metal additive manufacturing enables both to produce parts with unrivalled mechanical properties and absolute dimensional accuracy, as well as identifying new materials that are more efficient and reliable.

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With the additive process, we can produce components with any geometry, with absolute precision.


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Prima Additive is part of the Prima Industrie group, a leader in aerospace laser systems for over 45 years.



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Especially in the aerospace sector, it is essential to comply with stringent industry standards, above all NADCAP certification (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program).

Prima Additive can support you through the entire certification process, including process verification, powder verification and finished product testing, to enable you to obtain certification and produce additive parts using a standardized, repeatable and qualified process.

We are at your service to help you take full advantage of the shape flexibility made possible through metal additive manufacturing.


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