Discover the unparalleled potential of steel alloys and steel powders through the innovative lens of laser powder bed fusion technology. Our machines are at the forefront of metal additive manufacturing, setting new standards for precision, durability, and efficiency.

Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Steel Alloys

Utilizing steel alloys in powder bed fusion technology offers a myriad of advantages, marking a significant leap in additive manufacturing capabilities. Our Prima Additive systems enhance:


Supreme Resistance

Experience unmatched high-temperature endurance paired with exceptional corrosion resistance

Advanced Mechanical Properties

Benefit from superior hardness without compromising on high ductility


Flawless Finishes

Achieve high post-process finishes and good thermal properties, ensuring your parts meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetics

Featured Steel Alloys for Prima Additive Machines

Our machines are compatible with a diverse range of steel alloys, including but not limited to:

  • 316L: Ideal for applications requiring exceptional corrosion resistance.
  • Maraging M300: Offers outstanding strength and is perfect for high-stress environments.
  • 17-4PH: Known for its excellent strength and hardness, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Beyond the Basics: Expanding Material Horizons

The materials listed are just a glimpse into the possibilities with Prima Additive machines. Our technology is designed to process any type of material from any manufacturer, thanks to our open parameters. This flexibility ensures that Prima Additive solutions are not just limited to the most common alloys but are also capable of pushing the boundaries of metal additive manufacturing.

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