Prima Additive for the electronics industry

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Even very small electronic circuits or components can be quickly created with Prima Additive's solutions.

Thanks to the option of processing copper alloys and pure copper offered by our green laser solutions, it is possible to produce parts with complex geometries and optimal electrical conductivity for the electronics industry.

The competitive advantage offered by additive manufacturing for the electronics industry opens up new developments in technology thanks to the option of rapidly producing prototypes, small series or finished parts in a very short lead times.


Precision and Miniaturization

Metal AM excels in producing small, highly detailed components essential for the electronics industry, supporting the trend towards miniaturization and complex geometries.

Thermal Management Solutions

Innovative heat sinks and thermal management components designed with metal AM improve the performance and reliability of electronic devices, from consumer gadgets to high-power electronics.

Enhanced Conductivity Features

Metal AM can create parts with tailored electrical conductivity properties, essential for connectors, antennas, and other critical electronic components.


Find your ideal solution

We are here to help you take advantage of all the benefits of additive manufacturing within the electronics industry.

The speed and ease of use of our machines also means that you can move quickly from design to manufacture, allowing you to modify and customise your parts as required, giving you unmatched flexibility.

We will support you in the process of redesigning your components and choosing the most suitable materials for your application.

Main Applications of Metal Additive Manufacturing in the Electronics industry

Behind every innovation there is a Prima Additive machine

  • High-precision connectors and components for advanced electronic assemblies, enabling more compact and efficient devices.
  • Prototypes for new device casings with integrated thermal management features, speeding up the development of consumer electronics
  • Customized mounts and enclosures for high-performance computing hardware, optimizing airflow and cooling.

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