The versatility and superior properties of copper alloys make them an ideal choice for a broad spectrum of applications, from aerospace to energy, where thermal and electrical conductivity are paramount. In the world of metal additive manufacturing, copper alloys and copper powders represent a pinnacle of potential for industries far and wide.

Why Choose Copper Alloys with Prima Additive's DED Technology?

Copper alloys are renowned for their exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity, high resistance to corrosion, and superior mechanical properties. Prima Additive's DED machines elevate the processing of copper alloys to an art, ensuring unparalleled precision and quality in every finished part.

Innovative Blue Laser Technology for Optimal Material Absorption

Our DED solutions can be equipped with state-of-the-art blue lasers, chosen for their short wavelengths that ensure optimal absorption by highly reflective materials like copper alloys. This technology breakthrough makes working with copper alloys not just feasible but exceptionally efficient and rewarding.

Benefits of Working with Copper Alloys in DED

High Resistance to Corrosion

Ensure longevity and reliability in harsh environments

Exceptional Mechanical Properties

Achieve superior strength and durability in your parts


Unmatched Thermal and Electrical Conductivity

Ideal for applications requiring efficient heat dissipation or electrical conductivity

Copper Alloys Compatible with Prima Additive Machines

  • CuSn10: Offers excellent wear resistance and stability, perfect for bearings and gears.
  • Gr-Cop84: Known for its high strength and conductivity, ideal for aerospace and electrical applications.
  • Cu-Mn: A versatile alloy with outstanding resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Beyond Copper: A World of Materials at Your Fingertips

While copper alloys are a focal point of our DED technology offerings, it's essential to note that Prima Additive's machines are not limited to these materials alone. Our systems are engineered for versatility and flexibility, capable of processing any type of material made by any manufacturer. This open parameters approach ensures that our clients are never constrained by material compatibility, allowing for endless possibilities in additive manufacturing across various industries.
Prima Additive stands at the forefront of innovation, empowering creators and industries to explore new horizons in metal additive manufacturing with copper alloys and beyond. Our commitment to change, competitiveness, and innovation is unwavering, as we continue to explore the vast potentials of DED technology.

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