Thanks to over 40 years’ experience in laser systems for material processing and the expertise of our application engineers, we can truly be at your side in guiding you through the entire metal 3D printing adoption process. With the support of our experts, you can find out if additive manufacturing is the right technology for your business, understand how to switch from traditional to additive technologies, identify the most efficient ways to produce your components and understand every secret of the technology to get the most out of it.

In short, with our application support for additive manufacturing technologies, we can help you translate your imagination into an increasingly efficient new business.

Here is what we can do, in concrete terms, to support you:

Process parameters and prototyping

After finalizing the design and print strategy, Prima Additive focuses on the optimal selection of process parameters. By performing a series of standard tests, Prima Additive's application engineers can optimize the process for each case and guarantee the expected mechanical properties


Prototype management

  • We build your prototype in our application centre
  • We evaluate the best post-treatment options for hardness, stretching, part removal and surface finish
  • Tests and measurements

We provide you with an application manual of the tasks required to produce your components. This guide assists you in the replication, optimization, and configuration of the machine.

We are always at your side to discover together how to improve your products.


Business case

Once all the characteristics of the finished product have been established, our experts will provide you with all the specifications to translate the experience gained during the prototyping phase into a finished product, thus enabling you to start producing as quickly and efficiently as possible with our machines.


How we work

The steps we take

Step 1 - Case analysis

Initial assessment of key aspects of the process

Simulation of printing strategy

Report on convenience and sustainability

Step 2 - We evaluate processes and materials

Experimentation to obtain process parameters

Production of samples with the required material

Step 3 - Making a prototype with Prima Additive machines

Application of selected processes and parameters to the machine

Prototype production

Printing procedure and repeatability

Step 4 - We evaluate and characterize the parts

Verification of quality standards

Evaluation of mechanical and thermal properties

Guidance in post-processing phases

Step 5 - Reporting & “know-how”

Customer manual (containing details on the process and application)

Optimization of process-related techniques

Exploitation of know-how

Advanced training


Our Application Centre

Prima Additive's new Application and Innovation Center, located in Turin, Italy, provides a fully equipped area where you can familiarize yourself with Additive Manufacturing technologies and increase your knowledge. Our team of specialists and engineers is always available to help you understand this innovative production method. In this way, you will discover the full potential of this technology, and we will help you understand how to adapt this process to your business in the most competitive way possible.

Consider our Application Center as your personal knowledge center on Additive Manufacturing:

  • Access to Prima Additive equipment and advice on developing your ideas
  • Advice and preparation for application
  • Support in evaluating the time and cost of your products
  • Basic training for preparing your data and managing the machinery
  • Safety training related to additive processes
  • Direct supply of powders by Prima Additive or support in selecting suitable materials
  • Support in printing your prototypes on our machines
  • Design support for Additive Manufacturing (re-design of your products to improve performance and reduce costs)
  • Process certification and documentation support
  • Developing your business case

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