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More than anything else, downtime due to the need to change worn parts affects the costs of energy companies. Thanks to additive  manufacturing, the required components can be produced on site, without having to wait for spare parts and thus minimizing downtime.

Additive manufacturing, and in particular Prima Additive’s technology, meet the needs of this sector in two ways: with powder bed fusion technology to make parts only when they are needed, avoiding keeping expensive parts in stock for long periods, and with direct energy deposition technology for repairing components with high added value.

This allows for more sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing, using less material than machining technologies, and also allows worn components to be remanufactured and given a new lease on life without the need to buy new ones. All where it is needed, simplifying the supply chain.

High-Performance Components for Harsh Environments

Metal AM produces parts that withstand extreme pressures, temperatures, and corrosive environments, essential for the energy, oil, and gas sectors.

Rapid Prototyping and Repair of Critical Parts

Enables the quick production and repair of parts for drilling equipment, turbines, and other machinery, reducing downtime and operational costs.

Customized Solutions for Efficient Energy Production

Metal AM supports the development of bespoke components for renewable energy systems, improving efficiency and performance.


Find your ideal solution

We are at your service to help you identify which of the components you currently produce are best suited to additive technology. We will support you in choosing the most suitable materials for your application and in determining the best printing strategy to create your parts.

Thanks to our solutions, you can reduce your spare parts procurement time, avoiding full warehouses or waiting for parts to arrive from far away. We will support you in the design, prototyping and production of the final parts, giving you the opportunity to experiment with new shapes and digitally customize each part according to its use.

Main Applications of Metal Additive Manufacturing in the Energy, Oil & Gas Sector

Behind every innovation there is a Prima Additive machine

  • Durable and corrosion-resistant parts for offshore drilling equipment, extending service life in harsh environments.
  • Tailor-made flow control components for pipelines, improving efficiency and safety in oil and gas transportation.
  • High-performance turbine blades for power generation, optimized for efficiency and longevity.

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