Since our founding, our motto has always been "Additive is competitive," and our goal has always been to evolve this technology, enabling as many people as possible to benefit from it.

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    Find out which of the two additive processes is right for you

    Powder Bed Fusion

    The Powder Bed Fusion process uses thermal energy to fuse specific dots onto a layer of metallic powder. This process is repeated layer by layer to create the finished part, allowing to create parts with complex geometries and a high final quality.

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    Direct Energy Deposition

    The Direct Energy Deposition process uses thermal energy generated by a laser source focused to melt metal powder that is sprayed onto the focal point of the laser beam. This technique makes the process suitable for adding parts to existing parts, as well as for repair or coating.

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    With Prima Additive’s solutions you can produce parts in the following materials

    Powder Bed Fusion

    Direct Energy Deposition

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