This is why the network of Prima Open Additive Labs has been created, a community of qualified partners - universities, public and private research centers, innovation hubs - who support Prima Additive in contacting and assisting customers.

The Prima Open Additive Labs become protagonists of a Co-Innovation process and participate in the Prima Additive business model by sharing its advantages and profits.


Innovation comes from anywhere

Prima Open Additive Labs develop their network by involving partners with the higher potential based on geographical and specialization criteria.

The network guarantees that the potential customers receive qualified contact points, physically close and with synergistic skills, in order to effectively respond to the needs of each market in each region.

Supported by the Labs, customers not only purchase highly advanced technological solutions, but acquire a partner that offers advice and expertise both before and after the purchase. A partner that ensures the transition to Additive Manufacturing is effectively managed by achieving benefits in a short time.


How we do

Prima Open Additive Labs provide application support for customers in:

  • AM design
  • AM process assessment and viability
  • Prototyping
  • Testing and qualification for standard compliancy
  • Technology transfer in case of adoption of Prima Additive technologies from customers

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