In the evolving landscape of metal additive manufacturing, steel alloys and steel powders are at the forefront, shaped by the advanced Direct Energy Deposition (DED) technology. Prima Additive empower businesses to transform the way they think about metal fabrication, offering unparalleled precision, efficiency, and creativity in the creation of metal components.

Experience Superior Hardness and Unmatched Quality

Our state-of-the-art Directed Energy Deposition technology, also known as Laser Metal Deposition, enables the creation of components with superior hardness, redefining the standards of durability and performance. Whether it's crafting new parts or repairing components, Prima Additive's machines ensure extraordinary results, every time.

Discover the Advantages of Steel Alloys for DED

Exceptional High-Temperature Resistance and Thermal Properties

Tackle the most demanding environments with materials designed to withstand extreme heat without compromising integrity

Advanced Corrosion Resistance

Extend the lifespan of your components with steel alloys that resist degradation, even in harsh conditions

Unparalleled Hardness

Achieve remarkable durability and wear resistance, ensuring your parts can handle rigorous use

Enhanced Ductility

Benefit from materials that not only last but are also adaptable, allowing for intricate designs and innovative applications

Steel Alloys Compatible with Prima Additive Machines

Our DED machines are versatile, capable of processing a wide range of steel alloys, each selected for its unique properties and suitability for additive manufacturing. From the exceptional toughness of maraging steel to the reliability of stainless steels, our lineup includes:

  • 316L & 304L: Renowned for their corrosion resistance and versatility in various applications.
  • H13: Offers excellent hot hardness and thermal fatigue resistance, ideal for tooling applications.
  • FeCrV: A unique alloy known for its wear resistance and toughness, suitable for demanding applications.
  • Maraging M300: Known for its ultra-high strength and toughness, perfect for high-performance parts.
  • 17-4PH: Combines high strength and good corrosion resistance, widely used in the aerospace and medical industries.

Beyond the Norm: The Versatility of Prima Additive Machines

While the steel alloys mentioned serve as indicators of the materials most suitable for our systems, the capabilities of Prima Additive's machines extend far beyond. Our technology is designed to work with any type of material provided by any manufacturer, thanks to open parameters that allow for unparalleled flexibility and innovation in metal additive manufacturing.

By embracing the vast potential of DED technology, Prima Additive is at the vanguard of the metal manufacturing revolution, offering solutions that embody the spirit of change, competitiveness, and innovation. Our machines not only facilitate the creation of superior metal components but also open the door to endless possibilities in material experimentation and product design.

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