An innovative and multi-purpose laser head, a highly efficient laser source, and a flexible and reliable powder feeder that can be integrated on your machine or on a robotic system.


Modular design allows the laser head to be mounted in different configurations (straight, 90 degrees, with or without monitoring system). Easy installation on any type of machinery and easy maintenance of all the components of the DED kit.


The kit can be integrated with any laser machine and robotic system. Possibility to satisfy different requests related to laser power, laser head configuration, process monitoring system, type and capacity of the powder.


The new nozzle design allows better powder use, while the fiber laser designed to offer high performance and efficiency guarantees low maintenance operations.


Low cost of ownership along with a wide network of suppliers for materials and consumables.

The DED kit includes all the equipment needed for direct energy deposition applications: an innovative and multi-purpose laser head, a highly efficient laser source and a flexible and reliable powder feeder. Prima Additive can offer the main components together or separately, allowing the retrofit of any laser machine or the integration on any type of robotic arm and structure.

Laser head

Modular and innovative laser head, designed to accommodate different laser processes and DED requirements. The laser head can be assembled in order to provide melt-pool monitoring (high-speed camera), pressurized optical path to avoid powder infiltration, and water-cooled additive-made nozzle for continuous additive depositions reducing powder adhesion risk during the process. Easy maintenance (cover glass and focal lens replacement), easy alignment of powder/laser spot and integration in any machinery and robotic systems.


Powder feeder

A powder feeding system developed to offer maximum flexibility and accommodate different materials. With the possibility of up to 4 powder hoppers and a capacity for up to 5.5 liters each, the system can be easily connected with any control system. Optional heating mats to keep the powder pre-heated, gas flow controller, and powder level sensors.


Laser source

The highly efficient and compact CF series high power fiber lasers, guarantees low maintenance operation, high reliability, and superior process performances. Convergent Photonics Fiber lasers are very easy to integrate into different machine configurations.


Other options

Along with the DED kit, Prima Additive can provide the rest auxiliaries for the DED process such as sieving system, vacuum cleaner as well as the AMXpress software plug-in (CAD / CAM) modified for any machinery.

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