The REAL_DED (Real-time Adaptive Laserbeam for Direct Energy Deposition) is a laser deposition head, developed and patented by Prima Additive, to increase the performance and efficiency of the deposition process and allow you to adapt the spot size of the laser beam in real time during the process without having to modify any mechanical components or optical configurations of the machine. 

The technology behind the Real_DED head allows the spot size of the laser beam to be increased by at least 2 times the original size of the machine's fibre configuration. In this way, productivity of up to 100cm3/h can be achieved.

The head was entirely designed by Prima Additive, with the support of the other business units of the Prima Industrie group, Prima Electro and Convergent Photonics, and is also made with additive manufacturing using the Powder Bed Fusion technology of our machines.

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