On the path to innovation, Prima Additive moves within the areas of Industry 4.0, the Circular Economy, Advanced Manufacturing processes, research of advanced materials and photonics.

Prima Additive is an active participant in several research consortia and innovation projects focused on additive technologies, both in Europe and regionally. With its committed and continuous involvement, Prima Additive is recognized today as a major player at a European level and aspires to contribute substantially in expanding the use and implementation of Additive Manufacturing within the concept of the Factory of the Future.

Discover the innovation projects representing a significant opportunity for both the Prima Industrie Group and Prima Additive, together with the main industrial and R&D players in Europe.


Digital path


Prima Additive is working with TIM to bring 5G to the manufacturing environment. Through new 5G connectivity it will be possible for Prima Additive machine users to make use of digital services and access the machine remotely.


Prima Additive adopts solutions for digital systems management, making the most of augmented and virtual reality solutions applied to its machines. In addition, through the joint development of advanced process monitoring solutions, it will be possible to make the additive manufacturing process more industrial.


Prima Additive is participating in the development of a digital environment for the entire additive manufacturing value chain, integrating new simulation systems on Direct Energy Deposition (DED) technology to strengthen the repairing and manufacturing process. Through the adoption of closed-circuit monitoring, Prima Additive provides a reliable DED process.


Processes and Application


Prima Additive explores the use of DED technology for the aeronautical sector, collaborating with Leonardo helicopters and producing a tiltrotor component to be tested by the user.


Prima Additive is participating in validating a methodology to characterise the effects of specific additive manufacturing defects under severe static loads. It deals with the reduction of non-destructive inspection and measurement stresses in the additive manufacturing of highly loaded mission-critical space components.


Prima Additive is involved in developments around lunar orbit and the lunar surface as a new milestone for human space exploration. Particular interest is being placed in the Shelter, a habitable lunar module and an starting point for human exploration of the moon. Prima Additive contributes with the feasibility study of a machine suited to working in the environment and with lunar material.


Prima Additive is working with Argotec to create an innovative two-phase heat exchange system using Additive Manufacturing for small satellite applications.


To take additive manufacturing to the next level, Prima Additive is working to develop reliable, higher productivity industrial solutions, systems designed for markets such as the automotive sector.



EIT Manufacturing

Prima Additive is a member of the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC) on manufacturing launched by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) to work and promote future developments in European manufacturing. Prima Additive participates with innovation projects on the digital path to Additive Manufacturing and with training programmes related to this technology.



Competence Centre CIM4.0 

Prima Additive is a partner of the Competence Centre in Turin working on application development, training courses, technology transfer and innovative developments related to Additive Manufacturing technology for industrial components and the digital pathway linked to it. The Competence Centre houses Prima Additive machines used to study and further the technology



MADE Competence Centre 

Prima Additive is a partner of the Milan Competence Centre and promotes additive manufacturing in a dedicated area of the centre, to support development of the digital and sustainable factory and a digital transformation journey towards Industry 4.0 for manufacturers.


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