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The most versatile processing platform available today for Direct Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing technology applications.


High throughput rate due to innovative nozzle design and combining seamlessly with an efficient dual hopper powder feed system.


Laser machine and generator resulting from over 45 years of experience of the Prima Industrie Group in the laser processing technology of materials.


Control features and easy to use touch screen, a dual operating system, and full complement additive manufacturing CAM software.

Equipped with a series of innovations for the deposition process, the long-established Laserdyne 795 platform is able to handle small to large parts.

The 5-axis platform is used extensively in aerospace that requires flexibility of motion and high accuracy. The open frame architecture and moving beam motion system allow the system to be configured to handle parts of virtually unlimited size.

LASERDYNE® 795 DED is available with 1000W, 2000W, or 3000W ytterbium fiber laser source. A compact and efficient high-power laser, producing from 1000 up to 3000 watts respectively, with a wavelength of about 1070 nm.

Rotary table

The rotary table is the 6th and 7th control axis for manufacturing of DED parts, repairing of critical components or rebuilding of damaged tools. The rotary axis (6th axis) provides continuous rotation of N x 360° clockwise or anti-clockwise on the vertical axis. The tilting axis (7th axis) provides rotation from -150° to + 150° on the vertical axis. The rotating tilt can support 300kg and has T-slots for fitting equipment.

  • Building volume (795 XS): 1016 x 1016 x 1016 mm
  • Building volume (795 XSZ): 1016 x 1016 x 1372 mm
  • Building volume (795 XL): 2032 x 1016 x 1016 mm
  • Building volume (795 XLZ): 2032 x 1016 x 1372 mm
  • Building volume (795 XLZL): 2032 x 1016 x 1829 mm
  • Deposition rate: up to 70cm3/h (up to 100cm3/h with REAL_DED head)
  • Laser: Yb Fiber Laser, CW multimode, 2000-3000W, IR 1070-1080nm

Prima Additive helps you choose the right material for each application

Prima Additive recommends and offers a wide range of metallic powders, tested to ensure product quality and repeatable mechanical properties. The process parameters were fine-tuned to the specifications and behaviour of the powders during printing, enabling excellent (re)production of the components. Thanks to its portfolio of services, Prima Additive can provide support to customers to evaluate and select the most suitable powder for their applications and needs.

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