User-customisable for research and development of new materials.


Control systems analyse any defects in the metal powder layer in real time.

The Print Sharp 150 Powder Bed Fusion machine is an innovative open-configuration powder bed additive system consisting of a cylindrical working area, a preheating system, real-time monitoring of process parameters, and laser spot. A compact additive manufacturing machine with a building volume of Ø150mm and H = 160mm for manufacturing small components.

The system has optimized gas flow for minimum nitrogen or argon consumption and material can be changed in less than two hours thanks to modular components.

With the ability to customize process parameters, Print Sharp 150 is also ideal for those looking for a machine with which to research new materials.

To reduce the waste of materials, especially when carrying out research on new alloys or processing precious metals, it is possible to install a plate reduction to narrow the area of both the building cylinder and the powder feeding cylinder, bringing the building area to a customized size according to needs, reaching up to a minimum of Ø 30 mm (H = 80 mm). The reduction kit is removable, thus allowing you to use the entire work area or the reduced one depending on application needs.

Print Sharp 150 is equipped with a 300W single mode IR fiber laser source. The laser source is air-cooled, so no external unit cooler is required.

A single line width of 0.1mm and a minimum layer thickness of 0.02mm can be achieved for high precision. A reliable and compact optical scanning system offers high processing speeds and various scanning strategies.

Intuitive, intelligent control software allows rapid orientation of parts and defining of machine functions by the operator. With an open, easy-to-use process parameter management tool, you can also change key print parameters, select your scanning strategy and export machine-readable files.

The system is equipped with a filter unit for recirculating gas within the working area. The filter unit maintains a high level of cleanliness and is easily adjustable thanks to the control installed on the interface. Gas flow within the chamber can be modified to optimise flow as required.

  • Building volume: Ø 150mm; h=160mm
  • Layer thickness: 0.02 – 0.12mm
  • Laser: 1 x 300W IR fiber laser
  • Laser spot diameter: 35 - 100μm (adjustable focus position)
  • Heated platform: Up to 300°C



Stainless steel, maraging steel, high-temperature nickel alloy (Inconel), titanium alloy, cobalt chrome alloy, aluminum alloy, high strength steel, copper alloy.

Prima Additive helps you choose the right material for each application

Prima Additive recommends and offers a wide range of metallic powders, tested to ensure product quality and repeatable mechanical properties. The process parameters were fine-tuned to the specifications and behavior of the powders during printing, enabling excellent (re)production of the components. Thanks to its portfolio of services, Prima Additive can provide support to customers to evaluate and select the most suitable powder for their applications and needs.

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