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The value of additive manufacturing lies in function-oriented product design and in the manufacturing of products that cannot be produced with traditional technologies. This does not mean that traditional cooling channels are not adequate, but that channels made using additive manufacturing can bring more value to the finished product.

The main problems with moulds made using traditional technologies include low-heat dissipation, possible localized deformation at high temperatures, high-cost and slow production repeatability.

Additive manufacturing makes it possible to improve heat dissipation by creating conformal cooling channels. Thanks to this, production times are reduced, as are the costs of developing the finished product. A higher quality mould also means less scrap on finished parts and thus a more efficient production process.

Rapid Tool Production

Metal AM accelerates the production of injection molding tools, reducing lead times and enabling faster product development cycles.


Complex Tool Geometries

Enables the creation of tools with complex features and cooling channels that improve the quality and efficiency of the molding process.

Cost-effective production of new molds

Particularly advantageous for prototyping new molds, where the costs of traditional tools would be prohibitive.


Find your ideal solution

We are at your service to help you redesign your moulds to achieve the best possible benefits through the design of new conformal cooling channels. In addition, we will support you in choosing the most suitable materials for your application.

The speed and ease of use of our machines also means that you can move quickly from design to manufacture, allowing you to modify and customize your moulds as required, giving you unmatched flexibility.

Main Applications of Metal Additive Manufacturing in the Injection Molding Sector

Behind every innovation there is a Prima Additive machine

  • Advanced cooling channels in molds, significantly reducing cycle times and improving part quality.
  • High-durability molds for high-volume manufacturing, offering longer service life and reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Precision molds for micro-molding applications, enabling the production of extremely small and detailed plastic components.

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