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Once upon a time, there was milling. But also casting or forging. They still exist today, but have technical limitations that only additive manufacturing can overcome.

When it comes to prostheses and implants, anatomical models, dental crowns, bridges and partial dentures, it can be difficult to achieve the levels of lightness and customisation required.

New, complex geometries that make the produced parts unique and more precise are now a reality that is not only very practical to pursue, but also cost-effective.

More and more doctors, dentists and surgeons are demanding tools that help them to do their work more accurately and gently, with the aim of making their procedures less and less invasive. Our machines work towards the same goal, which is an advantage for patient satisfaction.

Particularly in the orthopaedic sector, given the constant increase in injuries due to the progressive ageing of the population and broader reach of various sporting activities, Additive Manufacturing is at its best, manufacturing plates, screws and other anatomical elements required to restore natural movement in the shortest possible time.

By adopting an operating model with a very high degree of customisation, we are able to guide each of your projects, advising you on how to achieve your goal in the most effective way possible.


Our machines produce components that then meet the standards set out by regulations.


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Every Prima Additive machine works to provide solutions that traditional industry cannot offer.



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Metal 3D printing may be the key that opens the door to utmost patient satisfaction, especially in the orthopaedic and dental fields, while also reducing the number of trial appointments normally required.

How? Thanks to the high degree of customisation, it is possible, for example, to produce accurate prostheses. Very high precision in size and detail on all corners, spaces and edges is achieved thanks to a laser spot of only 50 microns. Maximum precision in small details and no problems with breakages. Or dental implants that are extremely adaptable to the individual case. Or again, it is possible to reconstruct anatomical parts with adaptability and flexibility that was previously unthinkable with traditional production techniques. Digital production also drastically reduces time between the design and manufacturing of dental implants. In just a few hours, you can go from a 3D digital scan of the patient’s mouth to the finished product.

The speed and ease of use of our machines also means that you can get the part you want without having to wait for the ordering and shipping lead times you are normally used to, managing the process yourself exactly as you designed it.

Application examples

Behind every innovation is a Prima Additive machine

- Prostheses and implants

- Medical instruments and models
- Dental crowns, partial dentures and dental bridges

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