Thanks to Prima Industrie Group’s worldwide service network, we will support you wherever you are. Our worldwide service network consists of almost 40 branches and dealers covering different areas and providing technical support, training, assistance, and spare parts.


Preventive maintenance

Our service philosophy is based on carefully planned maintenance. Preventive maintenance is carried out according to a set schedule or according to the machine’s actual hours of operation. The aim is to keep the machine in good working order to prevent problems or detect them quickly.

Preventive maintenance includes:

  • Supply and replacement of specific spare parts
  • Checking the condition of the machine according to a checklist
  • Adjustments
  • Functional checks
  • Recommendations for corrective action


Advantages for the customer:

  • Reduced number of unexpected faults
  • Short, well-planned maintenance downtime
  • High OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness): availability, speed, and quality
  • Reduction of corrective maintenance costs
  • In addition to preventive procedures, we offer high-quality corrective maintenance to ensure rapid recovery in the event of a fault

Machine relocation

It is not unusual for plant floor plans to change, or for machinery to be moved to other facilities, sometimes operating in another country. The machine relocation service includes designing the space to house the machine, project management, disassembly, installation, commissioning of the machine, and signing the testing and safety protocol.

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