By choosing Prima Additive you are taking an extra step towards the new frontier in manufacturing. We offer training and refresher programmes to make best use of our machines and software, maximising production capacity and quality.


  • Business opportunities in the Additive Manufacturing market
  • Introduction metal Additive Manufacturing technologies
  • Overview of Additive Manufacturing processes and machinery
  • Characteristics and powder management
  • Guidelines for printing and design
  • Demonstrations in our Application Centre
  • Overview of the additive manufacturing process through a real layout
  • Application assessment of the customer's real case with the option of prototyping a real part

Installation and operation

Operator training
  • Basic training on the main machine functions (software operation control, set up, safety)
  • Training on peripheral equipment (drying oven, sieve, etc.)
  • Practicals on pre-selected parts to learn the main problems, alarms and operational details
Application training
  • Use of Materialise Magics and Build post processor
  • How to prepare a job and setting parameters
  • Training on setting process parameters  and process optimisation
  • Training in support implementation
  • Print of specific parts with errors
  • Orientation and design guide for printing according to the material used

Post sale

  • Application support
  • Consulting
  • Worldwide service

Advanced training

  • Training on how to manage process parameters on the Build post processor software
  • Adjustment of process parameters and process optimisation
  • Powders and parts caracterisation
  • Support in setting the right parameters for the Prima Additive machine chosen
  • Live calculation of ROI based on your product type
  • Direct experience in use of software

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