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In the field of mechanical engineering and industrial machinery, metal additive manufacturing is a very important enabling technology.

New frontiers are opening up thanks to the option of using metal alloys with ideal mechanical characteristics, as well as the option of optimising parts and redesigning them in a way that is functional to their use.

We in the Prima Industrie group, as manufacturers of industrial machinery, also use additive manufacturing to make parts for our machines. Our laser head for Direct Energy Deposition, for example, is made using Powder Bed Fusion technology and this has enabled us to improve its performance enormously, as well as reducing the number of components in our head and eliminating the need for storing parts.

The laser machines made by the Prima Power division also feature parts created with additive manufacturing, which allows the cutting machines to be ever more efficient.


The Prima Industrie group is the first to use additive manufacturing for its machines: we know what we are talking about.


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Each Prima Additive machine works to guarantee precision, impeccable mechanical characteristics, reliability and process repeatability.



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We are at your service to help you identify which of the components you currently produce are best suited to additive technology. We will support you in choosing the most suitable materials for your application and in determining the best printing strategy to create your parts.

We will support you in design, prototyping and production of the final parts, giving you the opportunity to experiment with new shapes and digitally customise each part according to its use.

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