The slogan “Add Something New”, selected by Prima Additive for this exhibition, is an invitation to customers to unleash the potential of Additive Manufacturing solutions for their business. Leveraging on more than 40 years’ experience in 3D and 2D laser processing machinery, today the Prima Industrie group is also a competent partner for the 3D metal printing sector. Prima Additive products are designed to allow customers to exploit the competitive advantages of AM, thanks to their high productivity, first-rate process reliability, outstanding quality of finished parts, and excellent performance-price ratio.

Launched in October during the Innovation Days at the new Prima Industrie Advanced Laser Center in Collegno (Turin), the Print Genius 250 will be showcased for the first time at an exhibitionThe PBF machine features a build volume of 262x262x350 mm and is suitable for the fabrication of medium-sized components. The Print Genius 250 is the ideal solution for high productivity with metal printing applications, reducing production times through its dual single-mode 500W laser, combined with intelligent software for fast part orientation and the definition of machine parameters.

Optimized gas flow, which minimizes gas consumption, and the capability to perform a complete material change in less than 2 hours are other strengths of this innovative machine. The Print Genius 250 is equipped with a 2-line filter unit for the recirculation of the gas inside the work area, which maintains a high degree of machine cleanliness and minimizes the replacement of parts subject to wear. The new HMI monitors in real-time the building environment, the building plate, the dispenser and the recoater, generating reports with all of the key printing parameters.

The Print Genius 250 is suitable for processing of a wide range of materials including high strength steel, stainless steel, maraging steel, high-temperature nickel-based alloys (e.g. Inconel), aluminum and copper alloys, cobalt-chromium, and titanium.

Also displayed for the first time at a trade show, the LASERDYNE® 430 DED is a compact and accurate laser metal deposition platform with a working volume of 585x400x500 mm and a high build rate (max 40-50 cm3/h – typical 20 cm3/h), and excellent end-part properties, suitable for 3D fabrication, reworking and repairing.

The LASERDYNE® 430 DED is equipped with the Advanced Head, an innovative multi-purpose DED laser head with a modular design that can be mounted in different configurations to easily adapt to multiple laser processes. Some of the strengths of the new head are fusion metal pool monitoring, a pressurized optical path that avoids dust infiltration and a water-cooled nozzle for continuous deposition, which reduces the risk of powder adhesion during the process. The additive nozzle itself is manufactured using additive manufacturing processes. The head also offers easy maintenance and fast alignment of the powder to the laser spot.

The Advanced Head can be mounted on all Prima Industrie Laser Metal Deposition products, and is also available as part of Prima Additive’s Laser Metal Deposition Kit, which includes the head, a high-efficiency laser source, a flexible powder feeder and additive CAM software for off-line programming. The kit can be integrated into nearly any machinery and robotic system.

The flexibility of the LASERDYNE® 430 DED can be further increased through the addition of an optional roto-tilting table, which adds two more axes for more complex applications.

The LASERDYNE® 430 is also a sustainable manufacturing solution, thanks to its Prima Electro high efficiency, low maintenance laser source which is available from 1 to 6 kW. Furthermore, the typical applications of this machine – material and process characterization / optimization, addition of internal and external features, coating deposition and repair or build-up activities on existing parts – are in line with the Circular Economy business model, which aims to maintain the value of products and materials for as long as possible, transforming resources at the end of their life cycle into new input in the value creation process.

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